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CLA Softgels
ISO2 Nutrition

CLA Softgels

Complete CLA Softgels - 180 gels
  • CLA can be used to help promote fat loss
  • Can increase energy stores
CLA - also know as Conjugated Linoleic Acid
This product has been shown in a number of studies to inhibit the body's ability to store fat, promoting increased muscle tissue whilst using existing body fat for fuel.

How does CLA work?

The human body is typically found in one of two states; Anabolic or Catabolic.
Anabolic is the state where the body will actively use body fat for refuelling, whilst Catabolism (also known as starvation mode) see the body burning muscle tissue, whilst storing fat.
One of the main principles to fat loss is the anabolic/catabolism balance, with success leading decreased body fat (resulting boost in metabolism).

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